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Award-winning Cisco SNTC® Service is designed for businesses of any size that have complex network needs and an expert IT staff that needs direct, anytime access to Cisco expertise and resources. IT departments are under intense pressure to resolve network issues before they adversely affect business operations. Cisco SNTC Service offers rapid problem resolution and improved operational efficiency through a combination of expert troubleshooting assistance, online tools, and flexible device coverage options, providing you with greater network availability while reducing operating costs.

Cisco SNTC Service provides:

  • Direct access to Cisco TAC: When a network problem is affecting business-
    critical systems, you want fast access to technology experts. Cisco SNTC Service connects you directly to the Cisco TAC, staffed by Cisco professionals certified in a broad range of Cisco foundational and advanced technologies. Cisco TAC is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year around the world to support your network needs.

  • Online troubleshooting tools: Our online troubleshooting tools accelerate problem resolution. You have access to extensive troubleshooting and support resources on the award-winning support site on A personalized Web portal, “My Tech Support,” enables you to find the information you need in one place, customized to your network, including new software releases, bug reports and repairs, and trouble- shooting tools.

  • Advance hardware replacement: When you need dependable, fast access to business-critical parts, your Cisco SNTC Service delivers. Choose from a variety of hardware replacement options, including premium options such as two-hour replacement and onsite parts replacement and installation.

  • Cisco Smart Call Home: With Cisco Smart Call Home you get proactive, detailed diagnostics and real-time alerts about core network devices to help you identify and resolve issues, conserving valuable staff time and improving network availability. Devices equipped with the Smart Call Home technology continuously monitor their own health and automatically notify you of potential issues.


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