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SMB Marketplace FAQ

What is Australia SMB Marketplace and why should I use it?

Australia SMB Marketplace is an online exchange where customers can connect with Cisco Certified Partners to address their business needs. It allows customers to locate partners who can provide business solutions, including products, services, projects, and bundled solution offerings. It also provides the customer with capabilities to manage their transactions, projects and account activities on the Australia SMB Marketplace.

By the same token, Australia SMB Marketplace allows partners to expand their business by helping them build and market their customized eStores, as well as manage their solutions and offerings to match the customers’ needs.

What do you offer on the Australia SMB Marketplace?

Australia SMB Marketplace allows customers and partners to connect and conduct business to address customers’ needs based on products, services, projects, and bundled solution offerings. As a customer, you can come to the Australia SMB Marketplace to find, select and collaborate with a qualified partner(s) who best meet your product, service, project or bundled solution needs.

How can I best use the Australia SMB Marketplace?

To best use the Australia SMB Marketplace, we encourage you to first register and create your account on the Marketplace. As a customer, this will allow you to find partners in your area or region, and select the most suitable Cisco partner(s) who can meet your product, service, project or bundled solution requirements.

I am a new user. Why do I need to register on before signing on the Australia SMB Marketplace?

To better provide you a consistent user experience across all Cisco systems and applications, Australia SMB Marketplace uses Cisco’s Single-Sign-On technology. This allows you, as a customer or partner, to access all Cisco platforms and systems with one login.
Australia SMB Marketplace’s registration procedure involves a few simple steps:

1.    Registration on

2.    Email validation

3.    Sign on the Australia SMB Marketplace

I am a Customer. What are the benefits of the Australia SMB Marketplace for me?

As a Cisco customer, you can benefit from the following on the Australia SMB Marketplace:
Find and work with skilled Cisco Certified Partners in your area that will solve your business challenges.
- Choose from a wide selection of Cisco Partners with skills to fit your needs.
- Search for partners by city, state, province or region.
- Find partners by name, skills or resale certifications.

Buy Cisco branded products and services from Cisco Certified Partners:
- Easily connect with Cisco Certified Partners and buy authentic Cisco products and services.
- Shop partner eStores and search for products and services available in your area.
- Browse an extensive product catalog.Buy services for my existing Cisco products.

Post IT projects for partners to bid on:
- Write and publish IT Project-Work Requests and upload documents for partners to review.
- Let any partner bid on your project or privately invite partners to bid on your project.
- Manage your project from posting to completion using the Australia SMB Marketplace work flow and collaboration tools.

I am a Partner. What are the benefits of the Australia SMB Marketplace for me?
As Cisco’s trusted partner, you can benefit from the following on the Australia SMB Marketplace: 
Create a branded eStore with Cisco products, services and solutions:
- Create your own products and services offerings suitable for your certification.
- Set pricing for products, services and solutions.

- Manage your company profile and product marketing details.

Search and bid on open IT projects:
- Find qualified customers who are in need of services.
- Tools to respond to bids, upload supporting documents and manage the bidding process.
- Build your contact list and grow your business.

Manage accounts and track transactions:
- Manage accounts and track sales transactions with ease.
- Administer users to help manage business on the Australia SMB Marketplace.
- Track orders, account history and payment arrangements.

How can I find a partner who provides products, services or solutions that fit my business needs?

To find the partner(s) that best provide the products, services or solutions that meet your business needs, you can do any of the following:
- Post a project by sharing your project details and requirements on the Australia SMB Marketplace, which will then notify all or selected partners who can bid on your project.
- Search by product/service sub-categories at the left navigation menu on the Australia SMB Marketplace.
- Search by partners and view their eStore, where you will find a list of all the products/services offered by that particular partner.

How can I post a project and is there a process to do this?

A project can refer to any capability that you need to address your current challenges or business needs.  Customers can post a product/service or solution need on the Australia SMB Marketplace for partners to find as well as assign the selected, qualified partners to handle the project. 

To post a project, simply click on “Post a Project” under Solution on the left navigation menu. You can specify whether your project is ‘public’ or whether you would like to invite specific partners to bid on your project. Once you pick the winning bid, Australia SMB Marketplace then allows you and your selected partner to collaborate with each other and manage the project throughout the entire project life cycle. This includes managing, completing, making payments, and giving feedback. This provides clarity for both parties at each stage of the project, making it easier to flag necessary requirements and manage the project effectively.

If the services on my Cisco equipment have expired, how can I use Australia SMB Marketplace to renew these services?

The best way to find and renew services is to search by service sub-categories on the left navigation menu to identify the matching service to a particular product SKU. You can also go to Find Partners and then contact your Cisco Certified Partner to verify the status of your services, and then renew your services accordingly.

What payment methods does the Marketplace support?

The Australia SMB Marketplace supports both online and offline payments.  Each country Marketplace has its own payment method arrangements. For any questions, please use our Contact Us section to reach your country’s business team.

I am a partner. How can I track the payment?

Payment tracking depends on the payment options available in your country and also the payment method chosen by the customer. With an online payment, your online payment account should provide a record of the payment transaction. With an offline payment, you will need to arrange for an invoice so that the customer can complete the transaction.

How can I ensure this is a secure website that my account and transaction information is protected?

Australia SMB Marketplace is not only endorsed, but also developed and hosted by Cisco. This website is in full compliance with Cisco’s Information Security and Privacy Policy.



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